About Us


About three months after I sold my real estate brokerage in 2017, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the tests, an unsuccessful lumpectomy, more tests, I decided the “easiest” way to move on with my life was to get a double mastectomy. I did avoid chemo and radiation with this decision.

As I was healing, I stayed with friends in Sooke. Maggie took me under her wing and for a week, she indoctrinated me into the glories of veganism. I have been a faux vegan (80-90%) ever since. 

I have always had an interest in food – I have a degree in Home Economics — but I majored in Family Studies and Business, with a few Foods and Nutrition courses thrown in.

As a kid, I cooked for my family as my mom worked full-time. I quickly learned if I changed a recipe (like add coconut to cookies), I could ensure my brother would not like them and there would be more for the other four of us. It is his spice recipe that we use to season our burgers.

Last spring, I went for a walk with some friends. They described the products they wanted for their Amazon store. I told them about this “add water and stir” seed and grain flatbread I made. Next thing I knew I had them over for dinner and ‘voila!,’  the seeds sprouted into a plan.

Over the summer, Marie and Martin critiqued the dozens of seed-and-grain combinations I created until we settled on our present “Classic” whole-food flatbread. We have also perfected a keto version. 

As I was giving out sample packages to everyone I could, my Pilates instructor said she would turn her sample into a burger because she hates all the additives in the vegan or vegetarian burgers she buys. 

That got me thinking and here we are today.